What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is recognised within the NHS as a way of alleviating anxiety, depression and stress. 

Mindfulness is a way of taking back control of your thoughts so that you are no longer overwhelmed by them.  It can prevent you jumping straight into a situation without being able to stand back and make a sound and thoughtful decision before acting.

It is simple, accessible and readily achievable in our everyday lives.  It enables us to be “mindful” of each moment rather than chasing ahead on thought loops which can be painful and destructive to us and those around.

It is hard to think straight, make decisions and get on with life when your head takes you somewhere else all the time.  Mindfulness helps with this, can give clarity and insight and a far more calm and accepting way of living.

Who Benefits From Using Mindfulness Techniques?

Simply put, everyone and anyone!  However, people who find themselves in highly anxious or stressful situations or lifestyles, people with depression or of a nervous disposition can benefit enormously.  It can help with relationships, life decisions, illness, pain (physical and emotional) and any area that touches us as human beings.

The great thing about Mindfulness is that you cannot get it wrong!