What Does Sue Offer?

Sue is a trained and qualified professional counsellor and psychotherapist.  She has also recently become a qualified Mindfulness Practitioner, which is a proven method of dealing with stress, anxiety and depression recommended within the NHS as a coping stragegy.

Counselling for:

. Stress & anxiety

. Loss of any kind, your marriage, friends, work or bereavement, the feelings can be overwhelming

. Depression, so hard to describe for so many people

. Lack of confidence or self-esteem

. Coping with illness

. Trauma, perhaps from an accident, childhood event or any pain evoked from a trauma

. Anger

. Overeating, overdrinking, oversmoking, overanything spells trouble ..

We all know how we feel, it can encompass the above or none of it.  However, you have taken the first step by reading this. Sue’s number is 07963 093250 or email sueharmancounselling@hotmail.co.uk  and she really  looks forward to hearing from you.